If you're wondering where you can see the list of all your laundry transactions, it's quick and easy!

To see a complete list of your invoices, their payment status, and even the line items, start off by opening your 4thID Application.

Once open, click on the Profile icon in the bottom right:

Once in your profile, select the Account section:

After entering the account section, you should verify the payment types on your account, as well as which one is set as your default. Next we'll click on the History tab to display your prior activity.

Finally, while in the History tab, you can see all your prior invoice activity. To view the line item details, simply tap on the Invoice and you'll see the pricing total as well as individual items that compose it.

Note that unpaid invoices are marked with a red notification. A prompt to pay your invoice will be displayed when you view its details. Unpaid invoices are retried for payment once every 24 hours.